Things You're Too Embarrassed To Ask A Doctor

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Things You’re Too Embarrassed To Ask A Doctor is UChicago Medicine’s podcast dedicated to answering some of the most searched medical questions on the Internet. Each episode, we feature one doctor and talk to them about a variety of subjects informed by their own experiences combined with questions sourced from online intelligence gathering. Season one features ten episodes debuting on a weekly basis.

Aches and pains

This episode, we speak with sports medicine doctor Aravind Athiviraham to chat about why knees click and pop, what happens when bumping your elbow rad...
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Post-Pregnancy Woes

Growing noses and feet, emotional distress and lots lots more: issues faced by people after giving birth range widely. This episode, Dr. Maryam Siddiq...
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Sex and aging

In part two of our interview with gynecologist Stacy Tessler Lindau, MD, we discuss questions many people in the aging populations face, such as: "Is ...
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Sex and cancer

This episode, gynecologist Stacy Tessler Lindau, MD, explains how many people living with cancer can have healthy, satisfying sex.  
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Pediatric gastroenterology

On this episode, pediatric gastroenterologist Ritu Verma lets listeners know whether what they’re seeing and smelling in their babies’ diapers warrant...
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Adult gastroenterology

What does it mean if poop is green? Find out on today's episode featuring adult gastroenterologist Vijaya Rao, MD.
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Pediatric Dermatology

Can diaper rash cream help with eczema? Does baby acne hurt? Can warts kill you? This episode we hear from pediatric dermatologist Sarah Stein, MD, ab...
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Adult dermatology

Our third episode focuses on lumps and bumps: from skin tags to warts and acne, the topics we asked dermatologist Diana Bolotin about are sure to plea...
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Testicular and prostate health

This episode features urologist and surgeon Scott Eggener, MD, who answers questions like "What does a testicular cancer lump feel like?" and "Is one ...
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Female Pelvic Health

This episode features urogynecologist Dianne Glass, MD, PhD. Listen as Dr. Glass answers questions related to pelvic organ prolapse, urinary incontine...
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