This Academic's Life

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Pivotal events and experiences that shaped the lives, careers and research of our academics. A podcast from the ANU College of Arts and Social Sciences.

Beyond reconciliation

Many people have ideas about what life in an Aboriginal community is like. They're often negative. Wiradjuri man and ANU historian Dr Lawrence Bamblet...
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A place to call home

When we encounter someone who doesn't seem native to Australia, the question that rolls so easily off the tongue is 'Where are you from?' followed by ...
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This Italian life

“I spend most of my days dreaming about Italy,” says ANU Italian Studies lecturer Dr Josh Brown.It's not just the romantic aspects of Italy that he's ...
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An education in sex and sexuality

Professor Mary Lou Rasmussen recalls a conversation she had with her father back when she was doing her PhD. He had driven two hours to pick her up fr...
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My life with an accent

Dr Susanna Scarparo Associate Professor in Italian Studies in the ANU School of Literature, Languages and Linguistics, and outgoing CASS Associate Dea...
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The snake-catching sociologist

Sociologist Associate Professor Gavin Smith’s day looks like that of most other academics. He delivers lectures, does research, answers emails. The af...
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