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Focus On Today - BEM - Ep.1

Many of us have it all wrong... We have the best of intentions, but our process is flawed. In this episode, we address what I BELIEVE to be the proble...
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FB Groups 4 - Growth

The first three steps of this series were the simple parts. Just mechanics and processes... Now, it is time to get people into the group. So, what do ...
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FB Groups 3 - Rules and Regs

Your group needs rules. Plain and simple. So, what do you do once people start to show up? In this episode, we discuss exactly that.
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FB Groups 2 - Smart Content

You have heard of influencer marketing. You know you want it - but what if the influencer mentioned you on their own? That is the most powerful kind o...
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FB Groups 1 - The Framework

If you don't have a FB group for your business yet, you may want to consider getting one set up. Over the next few episodes, we will be talking about ...
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Reboot Episode 1 - 7-23-2018

I was absent. I have no excuse. I am the worst when it comes to stuff like this... Maybe you should follow someone who has it all together... LOL!!! R...
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