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Each week Tony and Phil look back on the day in history looking at a range of topics from politics to art.

August 27th

On this day in history we look at August 27th. We look at the bad fortune of Dresden from Napolean, Roman Holiday and the first female model of colour...
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August 20th

From historical events like the premier of One Direction's "This Is Us" to smaller events like the launches of Voyager 1 and 2 to Mars and the birth o...
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August 13th

On this day, August 13, Phelps sets 3 world records in swimming, South Park first airs and Paul and Linda McCartney release "Back Seat of My Car." We ...
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August 6th

From Jon Stewart's retirement from the Daily Show to the birth of the world wide web we talk about many things, but all of which occurred on August 6t...
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July 30th

It's a rock and roll birthday party of music galore this week as we cover George Easton and his colour film, the USS Indianapolis, a sad farewell to t...
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July 23rd

Pope watch and Jew watch have a crossover, we see the advent of the typewriter, and the Boss tours the world. It might be just any day for you for a b...
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July 16th

Joan of Arc drop some mad Reims, the bank of Stockholm makes it rain in Europe, and hip hop also tells us John Adams graduated Harvahrd bro (too many ...
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July 9th

Many things happened on July 9 in history; George Washington read the declaration, Livingston is not found, and 7 die in pope-mania. Join us as we tal...
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July 2nd

Heading back into lockdown we look at how Martin Luther deals with a thunderstorm, Marquis de Sade's rumour mill and celebrate Margot Robbie's birthda...
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June 25th

From the release of Prince's iconic "Purple Ran" to the first run publishing of Anne Frank's Diary we explore everything that happened on June 25th th...
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