This is Gonna Work


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This is Gonna Work is a podcast following creator, sound engineer and host Justin Borak as he tries to find a pilot that the iO Podcast Network and the important people that run it are willing to pick up. He has fellow Chicago comedians on in an attempt to strike gold and create a new comedy podcast for the network he loves very much. This new pilot podcast will have new episodes and concepts every week with some of your favorite comedians, follow along and see if Justin ever achieves his dream of finally getting a real show on a real network!


Wanted to spend today saying a few things on the Black Lives Matter Movement and what we can do to help. Check out our instagram, @tigwpod, for easy l...
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With the huge presence of soft storytelling in podcasts, Justin tries his hand in THE SOFA. Take a seat, relax with milk or 7UP or something and liste...
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This week, Justin gets help from a bunch of his Chicago comedy friends to give you the biggest little review show in podcast history. Listen in while ...
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Justin gives an update on what is going on with the show and what you can expect over the rest of quarantine. Also, glasses and wrestling? All in toda...
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WE HATE IT (Ft. BJ Party)

In this almost forever-lost episode, listen to three of the dumbest and most hateful comedians in Chicago, Justin and BJ Party (Joshua Zuar and Byron ...
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