This is Your 20s

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A show to help you thrive in your 20s-- the most confusing and exciting decade of your life. Let's talk about real sh*t!

EP 9- Why Do We Drink So Much?

Why do we drink? What is the REAL reasoning behind substance abuse? Mer ane Elyse dicsuss a controversial and rare topic. This is no guilt trip, but i...
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EP 6- The Roaring 20s

2020 brings a new decade- this is a big deal! What’re your goals for the New Years? Why are these goals important? This episode talks about our person...
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EP 4- End the Stigma

In this episode, we sat down to talk about self-care and the stigma behind mental health. This will be an on-going theme in this show, but this episod...
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EP 3- Trusting the Process

Mer had to miss this one, but I had the pleasure to sit down Levi Townsend and Luke Amaral, two talented and upcoming music artists in Indy. In this e...
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EP 2- How to Become Body Positive

EVERY SINGLE PERSON CAN LEARN FROM THIS EPISODE. We had the pleasure to sit down with Taylor Hickey, body positivity activist and future law student, ...
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This is Your 20s- EP 1

Welcome to the show!! This is your guide to being in your 20s.    We know these years are stressful, confusing, and fast-paced, so we are here to make...
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