This podcast is the worst

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What happens when two strange girls sit down and talk about not your every day water cooler topics.

Comedy, Ghosts and Toilet Paper?

This week the girls come together to discuss multiple comedy shows, the pandemic and their search for toilet paper and a possible foot stealing ghost....
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Welcome Back

In this episode Shelby and Lindsay are back to discuss all the enjoyable things in life such as Sebastian Stan, suicide forest, cannibals and Barbie m...
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In a complete re-branding Shelby welcomes two new cohosts Lindsay and Layla. This week we take the opportunity to discuss a assortment of random topic...
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What’s weird this month?

This week Shelby and Camryn discuss January. What holidays happen this month? Along with something almost everybody does that doesn’t really last thro...
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New Years break

Shelby and Camryn are taking this week off due to all of the crazy Christmas shenanigans that are still happening. --- This episode is sponsored by · ...
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Christmas already?

Shelby and Camryn sir down and discuss Christmas, aliens, and weather or not you should dunk your cookies in milk. --- This episode is sponsored by · ...
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Let’s get us started

From bacon to It Chapter 2 to vloggers find out why this podcast is the worst and the best. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way...
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