Thoroughly Good Classical Music Podcast


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Jon Jacob talks to artists, writers, and audience members about classical music and the concert-going experience.

141: Pianist Pavel Kolesnikov

Pianist Pavel Kolesnikov appears at The Two Moors Festival in October 2021 in a programme of Bach's Goldberg Variations. In this podcast he explores i...
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138: Composer Mark-Anthony Turnage

Composer Mark-Anthony Turnage has written a Concertino for clarinettist John Carnac. It will be performed at Music@Malling in Kent in late September b...
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137: Horn player Ben Goldscheider

Ben Goldscheider appeared with members of the Kaleidoscope Chamber Collective at the recent Lammermuir Festival in East Lothian, Scotland. In this con...
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135: Odaline de la Martinez

The London Festival of American Music runs from 13-18 September 2021 and this year features a ground-breaking opera exploring the personal stories of ...
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134: Violinist Gil Shaham

Gil Shaham is one of a handful of performers who can switch between the character in the music and the personality of the performer mid-performance. N...
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