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Evan likes to drive and likes listening to podcasts. One day Evan crashed his car while listening to a podcast and now the two have become one. Welcome to Thoughts Cast, a podcast usually recorded in my car! Sometimes Evan plays elaborate characters like Arjuna and Bill.

Thoughts Cast - OUTLAW

Nothing illegal happens in this episode, so all the cops out there keep on driving. Network Stuff This podcast is a production of the We Can Make This...
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Thoughts Cast - Pillow Talk

Evan's back in action, with a clip show. He understands the passenger's frustrations when it comes to a lack of Thoughts Cast, and here to provide.  N...
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Thoughts from the Car - S-01 E-27

Evan's back in the saddle to get some dinner with some new equipment (wind buffer on new mic not included).  Network Stuff This podcast is a productio...
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