Tipsy Nerds Book Club

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The best in Science Fiction and Fantasy—with a twist. Whether you prefer horse-drawn carriages or spaceships, your drinks shaken or stirred, Tipsy Nerds Book Club delivers lively and fun nerdy conversation and tasty cocktails each week.Join the show hosts as they quest to read the NPR top 100 Sci-Fi and Fantasy stories. To enhance the nerdy adventure, the show hosts recreate fictional cocktails from that week's featured story (books, movies, shows and other media), then drink the libation during the podcast! The show also features author guests (upcoming guests will include authors such as Hugh Howey and D.A. Shaolin Spires), and the guest authors also imbibe that week's tasty beverage.Once you add cocktails, anything can happen! “Two tipsy nerds, one great story.”

DUNE, the book by Frank Herbert

In this episode, the Tipsy Nerds tackle the massive book, Dune by Frank Herbert. Second time was the charm for Robyn who attempted a read of this tome...
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