Together In Spirits

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Discussing spirits while we drink spirits! Paranormal and true crime stories with Tess Chapman and Hanna Sabin.

13 - Champagne and Roofies

What's up! This is Together In Spirits, your favorite Christian podcast. Put on your tinfoil hats this week, because Tess and Hanna are piggybacking o...
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12 - Fork Yes!

Buenos dias! Welcome to the 12th episode of Together In Spirits; a spooky little storytime chuck full of Star Wars references and the original Twiligh...
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11 - Putin My Grave

Hi, hello. This is Together In Spirits, which has become Tess's solo podcast as she schools us on the story of the Romanovs! There's Moscow Mules, Rus...
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9 - Get Out Of Benihana

Why, hello there! We're sorry it took us so long to publish a new episode; Hanna has been depressed. :) Tess and Hanna are coming at you with an oral ...
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8 - He Inherited Gout

Hey all you cool cats and kittens! It’s Together In Spirits, bringing you more quarantine content as we all collectively lose our sanity. Tess and Han...
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7 - I Went To Public School

Greetings, loved ones. Tess and Hanna have a true crime string of consciousness for your listening pleasure! The episode starts heavy with a dive into...
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6 - Story Time!

Why, hello friends! In this special story time episode, Tess and Hanna research a spooky, unique, mystifying, or scary tale to share with the other. T...
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4 - Bundy Spice

Aloha! In the rocky fourth episode, Tess and Hanna scrap their deep dive on bigass bummer Edmund Kemper and instead do a last-minute string of conscio...
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