Tommy Galan Isn't Funny

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The Podcast of Tommy Galan.

Two's Company

Ummmm......yeah....Tommy is tied up at the moment, but me and The Asshole have everything under control. All music in this episode is because of this ...
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Ep.4 Solo Update

Finished work early and pulled into a gas station to update you on the last 8 or so months and to get some thoughts recorded. Feeling very positive to...
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Kids: 9 months later

Kicking off the podcast with my three favorite humans, my sons. It’s been 9 months since we last chat on a podcast. Tonight, we listened to that recor...
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I wrote a song

Long Time No Listen.....  In my isolation, I've purchased Logic Pro X and wrote my fist song. This is it. It's called Saturday Morning.
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Reflecting on Grandma’s Passing

In sad news, Covid-19 took my Grandma Aggie from us this past weekend. She was home with family and not alone, which is a blessing. We love her so muc...
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Nightmare within a Nightmare

Ever have a dream within a dream? I feel like I’m having a Nightmare within a Nightmare every morning I wake up. But, hanging in there...and you do th...
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