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2 High School Best Friends Giving Their Twisted And Sometimes Funny Opinion On Life, Sex ,And Relationships. With A Hint Of Current Events

Episode 106 - Romance Scammers

Don't get scammed by men/women who only want money from you. Has every excuse in the book to not see you,or do are they quick to tell you they love yo...
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Episode 104 - Is Chivalry Dead?

Holding doors, Pulling out chairs, and even opening a car door seems to be a lost artform of being chivalrous. As the title may have given away this e...
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Episode 101 - Hoe Phases

I Know You're Wondering...What's A Hoe Phase? To Put It Simply It's A Period Or Multiple Periods Of Time In Your Life That You're Being Very Promiscuo...
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Episode 99 - Throat Goat 2.0

Since Valentines Day Is Literally Around The Corner We Figured We'd Talk About Fellatio And All The Throat Goats Around The World.
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