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Two girls talking film ??? Instagram: _tooreel

That freakin maniac Tarantino

Aly J and Patty are back with new movie news, a list of things they’re watching and discuss Quentin Tarantino, the good, the bad and the ugly.
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Candy man, candy man, CANDY MAN

Patty and Aly J leap into the horror genre: discussing important horror films for the black community, absurd labels black actors are typecast in horr...
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Season 2- Episode 3: Love is?

Love doesn’t look the same to everyone. Our sexual orientation, our culture and our backgrounds are determining factors to what love can be like for p...
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Episode 0201: The rebirth episode

Patty and Aly J dive into the dynamics of a classic film that is considered one of the most important movies for WOC of it’s time. With special guest ...
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