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Comedians talking about things that make them want to quit comedy. Every Tuesday on stuff

Introducing: Black Card Rehab!

Hey everyone! The first season of Too Sensitive for Comedy has wrapped! While we gear up for the next season, please check out my new podcast Black Ca...
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Kristen Lundberg: I'll One-Up You

Kristen Lundberg is an LA based stand up comedian, originally from Ohio. Kristen has extremely high standards for herself as a comedian now as a comed...
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Brinan Weeks: Investing In A Bit

Brinan Weeks is an LA based stand up comedian who originally started in New York. Brinan is a rare find in stand up comedy in that he actually enjoys ...
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Wyatt Gray: End of an Era

Wyatt Gray is a hilarious stand up comedian who breaks up his stand up career into two segments: the time before and the time after bombing on live te...
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Lando Shepard: Whisper

Lando Shepard is a stand up comedian based in Austin, Texas. He shares with me about what it means to really be a student of stand up and to know your...
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Ever Mainard: Ha! I'm Not Sad!

Ever Mainard is a comedian and actor based in Los Angeles and has travelled all over doing stand up comedy. In this episode we talk about one of my fa...
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Guy Branum: Hard Work is Hard

Guy Branum is a stand up comedian and writer and is one the people I most love to hear on a show or a podcast. I was an avid listener of his previous ...
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Leeann Tooker: Comedy or Botox

Leeann Tooker is a hilarious comedian who has a special place in my heart because I booked her on one of the first round of shows I produced when I be...
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Emily Duke: Comedy Prom

Emily Duke doesn’t have a problem doing the work, writing, re-writing, grinding at open mics, trying new bits. But of the many wishes that Emily has f...
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