Too Stupid to Live: Cheap Reviews of Cheap Romance Novels

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There's nothing like a good romance novel. And there's definitely nothing like a cheap romance novel. On 'Too Stupid to Live' comedy writer/actor Becky Feldman along with a hilarious guest review romance novels that are $5 or less. Each episode is filled with naughty reviews, sexy excerpts and perceptive analysis on those steamy book covers.

Cowboy Dragon with Phillip Iscove

It’s probably super hard to guess what this book is about. Luckily, writer and podcast host (Podcast like It’s 1999) Phillip Iscove joins Becky to bre...
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Interview with Writer Rose Lerner!

Rose Lerner joins Becky to talk about her romance writing journey, from the newsletter for a two-person romance club in high school all the way to her...
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Trade Me With Rebecca Ostroff

Rebecca Ostroff joins other Rebecca (Becky) to discuss “Trade Me” by Courtney Milan ($4.99.) They also talk Twilight, the idea of men actually ASKING ...
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