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Welcome to the Top 8 with Nate. 8 thoughts from a beautiful mind.

Save Eric Blizzard!

AJ (@calderoneaj10) and Nuzz (@cnuzzi7490) join the podcast to discuss some of our most influential athletes growing up and now. --- This episode is s...
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Jalen Hurts and UFOs

Scott and Burns joined me for their post draft thoughts and how the government snuck in some UFO videos on all of us. --- This episode is sponsored by...
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You Annoy Me

This episode of the podcast was recorded on March 8th. Meant to get it out earlier in the week, but LIFE got in the way. I had Burns and Nuzz back on ...
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T8 - 07 - Look What We Did...

After a long hiatus, I'm back with my good friends Nuzz and Burns to talk about all things sports. XFL, State of the Sixers and Big Red. Thanks for li...
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Top 8 - 005 - 01/13/19

I'm back for the second week in a row! Here are a few things that caught my eye this week. Thanks for listening.  Tweet the show @TheTop8Podcast
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Top 8 - 004 - 1/6/19

I'm back and I'm by myself going through 8 things that caught my attention for the week. Thanks for listening!  Follow me @TheTop8Podcast on Twitter. 
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