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We're just a few guys who love playing and talking about video games. Won't you come join us?

Top Down Perspective 14/10/21

Sean is away but it's getting Dreadful this week as Metroid Dread hits Jon and Paul hard. Jon has finished it, Paul is nearing the end. We talk pretty...
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Top Down Perspective 07/10/21

It's Metroid Dread-eve and we're all excited to play it after the show! Sean beats Tales of Arise and also discusses Sable and The Procession to Calva...
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Top Down Perspective 30/09/21

We start the show by announcing the completed funding for our new venture: TVP. In terms of what we are playing, you'll hear discussions about New Wor...
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Top Down Perspective 23/09/21

It's all about technical difficulties this week, apologies for that in advance. Jon comes with stories of Lost Judgement and how paid streams work beh...
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Top Down Perspective 16/09/21

The flood of games has begun and we are thriving. Jon starts into Deathloop and plays through WarioWare Get it Together. Paul continues with Psychonau...
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Top Down Perspective 09/09/21

We're back and talking about Sean's trip to The Last Blockbuster. Jon gets invested in Mario and Zelda randomizers. Paul checks out Psychonauts 2 and ...
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Top Down Perspective 02/09/21

Jon finally completes Final Fantasy X this week and we all couldn't be happier. Paul gets into Tormented Souls and continues Final Fantasy XIV. Sean p...
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Top Down Perspective 26/08/21

It's Final Fantasy week as Jon continues his way through FFX and Paul reaches Heavensward in FFXIV. Sean plays through Twelve Minutes and starts into ...
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Top Down Perspective 19/08/21

We're keeping things chill this week and starting off with a discussion about 12 Minutes from Paul. Jon talks about his time with Axiom Verge 2. Sean ...
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