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Wisdom & Inspiration for the Journey Ahead

Our Jewish Recovery on the Road!

Welcome back, friends. Thanks for tuning in to the Torah of Life podcast. In this episode, I recap my January adventures and teaching opportunities an...
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Let the Leaves Go!

A short bit of wisdom for you... It's amazing what lessons you can learn just from opening your eyes and paying attention. Yesterday the leaves taught...
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Beginning Again!

Welcome back my friends to the Torah of Life podcast. So glad to be back with you. It's been too long! In this episode, I share with you where I've be...
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Find God and Do Not Fear

Thanks for listening to the Torah of Life podcast. Sorry for the post so quick to Shabbat (on the East coast anyway). Here's a quick teaching about wh...
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When There is Only Darkness

Friends, What do we do when darkness surrounds us? When we can't find a way forward, we can feel paralyzed, stuck, stranded on a deserted island of co...
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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! What are your Thanksgiving traditions? Food? Football? Family and friends? Getting ready for Black Friday? Whatever your tradition...
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When Death Surrounds Us

Welcome back to the Torah of Life podcast. Thanks for listening. The unspeakable tragedy in Pittsburgh last Shabbat left so many at a loss for words. ...
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