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A Podcast about leisurely pursuits

Episode 33 Frozen Foods

Inspired by a special request from a faithful listener and fellow practitioner of brotherly arts in the TCW fan community, this episode deals in food…...
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Episode 32 Comfort Food

This week, the Triple (bypass) Threat discuss some of their favorite comfort foods. We play a game of hypothetical final meal choices at our favorite ...
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Episode 31 Shootin’ The Sh*ts

On a very special episode, The Freebirds of Podcasting link up to talk a bit about their personal lives. Join us with this peak behind the curtain as ...
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Episode 29 Horror Movies

To the surprise of absolutely nobody, the TCW braintrust are fans of horror movies. Who could have possibly guessed that 3 guys aged 35-41 who like fa...
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Happy New Year 2020 From TCW

TCW is coming back in 2020 with brand new hours of pure top quality entertainment. Before we get to that, Josh has a special message for Brian and Bro...
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Episode 27 Drunking

Alcohol- a true Yin and Yang of a liquid if there ever was one. We have all had our run-ins and whoopsadaisies as well as our share of excellent party...
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Episode 25 The Raw Power of Hostess

Twinkies, Ding Dongs, Cupcakes, Ho-Ho’s… These are a few of our favorite things. Today is Total Tuesday and we are going for it regarding an absolute ...
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