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Two unlikely best friends Sunny and Bella that bonded over their toxic traits are here to spread thier toxicity in the most positive way . Come and listen to them give you an insight on their lives every Friday (jumma) Hubhopper:

Adulting with Sunny and Bella

Sunny & Bella just think they are better than the rest of the teenagers , listen to them justify and talk about how much of adults they are!

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Stay Miserable

In this episode, Bella and Sunny talk about how both off them dropped out of college and are now going to the same college!!

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Not the vibe

In this episode, Sunny and Bella cry about dropping out of college, Sunny gets a cat for two days, and they also talk about her potentially going t...

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French Fries (pondi pt2)

In this episode, Bella and Sunny take about their love for French fries, rant about uni, hate going out and more about Pondicherry.

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Plane Crashes and Blackouts

In this episode, Bella and Sunny start of with their usual apology trying to convince their listeners that they will be consistent; Also they talk ...

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