Transatlantically Speaking

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A weekly Anglo-American podcast about British and American culture

Give My Regards to Broadchurch

Fair warning: this episode is going to bum you out, and I’m profoundly sorry for that. I wish more than anything that I wasn’t posting this; in fact, ...
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See? We’re just like London buses: you wait for ages, and then two come along at once. This week, we discuss my m(o)ustache discoveries, and then (aft...
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Battling Battery Bunnies

After a little gap (let’s call it a hiatus) we’re back to talk about the curious case of two battery rabbits. Then we discuss dumplings in all their f...
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Groveling apologies for the gap between episodes, but that should make this one all the more sweet! Ha! Heh! Ahem. Anyway. This week, we discuss molas...
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Tilted Kilts, Alphabetti Spaghetti

This week we discuss “The Tilted Kilt,” a pub, eatery and affront to Celts everywhere. Then we ponder why time itself is pretending to be Irish, which...
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How To Speak American

This week, we catch up on listener mail from Jeff, Beth, Jochen, John K and my dad; we learn everything from how foreigners decide which “English” the...
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Soda Sommeliers!

This week, I make Johnson try various British sodas, and along the way we learn about e-numbers, tidy man and dwarf suicide. Then, we compare Captain ...
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Quarterly Losses

This week, we talk about the outrageous British Surrender Quarter, then make some startling discoveries about Teddy Bears. Then, I have a hankering fo...
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The People vs Open-Faced Sandwich

This week, we discuss the lie that is the open-faced sandwich, and hear about its scandalous legal troubles. Then, we imagine having entire theme park...
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