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Join TV hosts, authors and travel agents, Rob and Kerri Stuart every Tuesday as they take you to travel destinations around the globe. They will share what you need to know before you go, the must dos and some of the things that you may not know about. You'll enjoy the insider secrets they share with their clients. Travel Talk Weekly is your passport to the world. Subscribe and enjoy the show!

National Plan for a Vacation Day

120 - On this short and sweet show, Rob and Kerri share some fun stats about travel. This past Tuesday was National Plan For a Vacation Day. Have you ...
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10 Travel Hacks for 2022

117 - On this week's show Rob and Kerri share 10 travel hacks to help you travel like a pro in 2022. With many people just getting back to travel...
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Travel Trends in 2022

115 - On this show Rob and Kerri share the travel trends to expect in 2022. You'll learn about the types of trips that will be popular, get some ...
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