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Exploring the world - one phone call at a time

Episode 65 – Clip Show

Our host for our phone dialing machine went down during the recording of this show, so only 2 new calls are in the episode. We decided to suck it up a...
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Episode 63 – The Creature

In this episode, we are introduced to the official mascot of Immoral Juice – Downy The Clown. Downy makes some calls while DTB has an encounter in the...
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Episode 64 – Pranksgiving 2020

In this episode, we send out an interesting flyer depicting a potato chip bag full of Thanksgiving dinner. We call Julie’s. We call Japan. We pack a s...
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Spotify Trailer

I needed to add a short Spotify trailer to our Spotify page, so I came up with a few short clips from old and new shows, and stuck them into a sample ...
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RIP DaDead

DaDead has passed. I’m linking and embedding a call he did on an early Community Calls show, as well as the full length show we did together in Octobe...
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Episode 61 – Immoral Juice

In this episode, we created a fake juice company that was using guerilla shipping tactics to get their juice shipments in store. One small problem, th...
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Episode 59 – Harvest Fest 2020

I dunno, harvest fest faxes and other strange calls from Clementine and Dwight and many others in the discord. It was fun. I don’t remember the rest a...
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