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We all have a party story, so let's all have a party.

Ep. 10 - Adam & Ethan Sing Jokes

Recorded in June 2017, My good friends Adam and Ethan come over and talk about comedy, music, the lead singer of No Doubt, and erectile dysfunction.
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Ep. 5 - Emily on Fire pt. 2

Emily and I have some whiskey and make fun of people we run into on tinder. We talk relationships, preferences, and what makes us different. 
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Ep. 4 - Emily on Fire

Emily and I conduct a super scientific experiment where we find out if it's easier to be a man or woman on tinder.
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Ep. 1 - Ethan's March

I sit down with Ethan (@ethandwmoore & @is_therapy) and we talk.Special thanks to zacwilkins, ricardomineiro, and danke for providing some loops for p...
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