Trek News and Views: A Star Trek Podcast

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Trek News and Views is a casual Star Trek discussion show from hosted by Colin Higgins. Each week they bring a British flavour to Star Trek as they explore The Original Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Enterprise, and news from all across the Star Trek universe. This show has completed its run, but please enjoy the back catalog.

106: Exploring Discovery

The view from the UK. There has been much rumor and speculation about the forthcoming Star Trek series. In this episode of Trek News and Views, host C...
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105: Snow Globe in Space

Star Trek Beyond. This week TNV is fashionably late. With deference to listeners and staggered release time, TNV waited before delving into the latest...
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104: Star Trek Hula

HawaiiCon. Star Trek is the focus of many conventions, but how many can claim to take place on a volcanic island? In this episode of Trek News and Vie...
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103: Putting the TOS in STO

Star Trek Online’s Original Series Expansion. Fans of the 23rd century rejoiced at the recent announcement by Star Trek Online. Why? The game’s latest...
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102: Getting into Character

Cosplay. Part of the fun of fandom is feeling as if you actually live in that universe—if only for a moment. That's where cosplay comes in. Today, imm...
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101: The Return

TNV Relaunch. Just when you thought it was safe to put your headphones back on, Trek News & Views returns! In this, the first episode in nearly two an...
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100: That’s No Hat

Signing Off. This week we bring you the final episode of Trek News & Views with voice messages, email, and the final discussion. Colin is joined by Da...
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99: Reflections and Imperfections

Looking Back at TNV. In the penultimate episode of Trek News & Views, Colin casts an eye back on the past two years and picks a few nuggets from the p...
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98: A Social Trek

The Data Network. In this episode of Trek News & Views we delve into the latest news from around the web, covering Star Trek hoodies, Star Trek Online...
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97: All Hallows’ Trek

Spooky Treks. It’s that time of year once again when the ghosts, ghouls, and space things that go bump in the night come out to play with our crews. I...
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