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The TRASHcast crew give their patented hot takes on international news topics

Vax Your Kids

This week on Trending TRASH, Germany wants to impose fines on parents who don’t vaccinate their kids. Should we implement a similar policy here?
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Good Touch, Bad Touch

Joe Biden was in the news this week after creepy photos and videos of him being a little too hands on with women and children resurfaced. This gives t...
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Facing Death

The TRASHcast boys discuss their own mortality on an especially dark episode of Trending TRASH!
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Crazy Bernie is Back!

Bernie says he’s going to bring a lie detector with him while debating Trump, which sparks a rather bleak discussion from the TRASHcast crew this week...
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Underground Gang

Police find an underground gang hideout, and post a bunch of snarky remarks on their Facebook page to brag about it.
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Andrew Gets Mad

This week we have a real fired up conversation about a man who got too drunk at a McDonald’s followed up by a really fired up conversation about local...
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Saved by the Bear

Was a small boy really saved by a bear? Did Matt really steal the tips from a bathroom attendant? Will Andrew become the newest host on WPLA? Find out...
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