Tres Betches

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Three NYC stand-up comedians with unique flavors of funny come together to dish out layers from relationships, to sex to mental health.

Ep 22 - Nuggets Are Cancelled

We're back!!! After a brief hiatus (remember to breathe y'all) Jess (@yessssyca), Shari (@sharidiazcomedy) and Trina (@jew_lo) chat about the limitati...
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Ep 21 - Own Your Fart

Shari, Jess, and Trina discuss having enough trust to be vulnerable (OR NOT), Olympic diving with your life decisions, and the thin line between bare ...
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Ep 20 - Love Your Mother

Jess, Shari and Trina talk Brokeback Mountain, typecasting in movies, weird kids in elementary school, our relationship with our mommas, and the lesso...
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Ep 18 - Catfished at Burger King

In this quarantined-edition of Tres Betches, we talk about the first time men started "noticing " us, cheering for Team Jesus, first crushes, roast be...
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Ep 16 - UnSnuffable

Trina tries Chick-Fil-A for the first time! Meanwhile, the girls talk about getting caught doing personal stuff at work, bad baby names, and Trina pre...
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Ep 15 - Hon, I'm DONE

In this episode, the girls get vulnerable and talk Trina's dental journey, relationship woes, holding grudges, and having self respect. For informatio...
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Ep 14 - I Got Him In A Wrastle!

Trina, Jess and Shari talk about why smoking cigarettes is great, experimenting with drugs, and coping with depression and anxiety. For information re...
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Ep 13 - Hamstring Herpes

Jess, Trina and Shari chat about disrespect in the women's restroom, that time we did a musical, and fighting in them streets. For information regardi...
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