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We Talked to Who?

We hope you guys are having a good week and a good new year! We hope you enjoy this weeks episode! This week the guys went on parlor and talked to ran...
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Happy Holidays From the TBC Fam!!!

Thanks for listening to this weeks podcast! We hope you enjoy! This week the guys talk all things holiday and family traditions, and we finally have a...
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What have we been up to?

On today's episode the guys talk about what have been going on in their lives lately, why they have been absent for a little while, and what the futur...
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The Controversial Side of Things

On this episode, the guys get controversial, very controversial.   We hope you guys enjoy! P.S. Sorry for the late upload.  --- Support this podcast: ...
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Andrews Announcement

He's back!!!! And for good this time! In this episode, all three guys are here to talk recent T.B.C. news, recent house changes and life updates. Andr...
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The Return

We know we have been gone for some time now but were back!! And better than ever, with our new T.B.C. Unlimited. In this episode the guys talk all abo...
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Movin Up!!!

In today's episode we talk about our next steps in life and what we have in store for the podcast. Its also  Andrews Birthday!! Happy birthday Andrew!...
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Family Game Night!!

We have a little game night with the bros. We played the game on the vlog and decided to play it on the podcast. I hope that you enjoy! --- Support th...
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He Might Regret This!!!

Several life events have happened this week. Learn about them all on the podcast --- Support this podcast:
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