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112 – R.I.P. Kobe

We remember our real-world superhero the only way we know how: recalling the memories, moments, and lessons that we’ll never forget. Thank you, Kobe. ...
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111 – Michael? Annie?

Early Saturday AM for the 3-peat TRU Show pod. AMiS [1:30] Melo/Blazers [13:58] Myles Garrett [20:55] Houston Astros cheating [29:33] New Music [38:25...
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109 – Are You Korean?

It’s that time again. Welcome back and we’ll see you next year! AMIS [3:40] Halloween [22:28] Lakers [33:25] Coming home [39:40]
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108 – T** S***

Homecoming and stuff [3:30] Kobe Bryant: cutthroat father  [28:31] Basketball World Cup [40:08] Who cares? [49:02] Conference Finalist [57:12]
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107 – TRU Cordae

YBN Cordae [7:57] Movie scores/soundtracks [21:20] Devin Booker [32:17] Dwight Howard (LMAO..) [43:50] Conference Finalist [57:12]
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106 – TRUmmer Break

Where tf we been? NBA (10:25) Nets, Lakers We haven’t had a show since late May: what’s one music project that sticks out during that time? (22:15) Hs...
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TRU Show 105 Part 1 – KRS

A really special episode, with a very special guest (our second ever!). We ran a bit longer, so we’ve split this into two part. Expect part 2 in a cou...
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