True Crime False Memory

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True crimes, false memories, misidentifications and wrongful convictions. This podcast brings you true stories of innocent people who were falsely accused, mistakenly identified and put on trial for crime they didn’t commit. In each episode we explore a different case; starting with the crime, moving though the investigation, on to the trial; and of course, culminating in the verdict. Hosted by forensic psychologist Dr. Mitchell Eisen.

Taco Truck Robberies

Danny was a tough kid from a local tagging crew, but he was no gunman. One day his life was turned completely upside down when he was accused of robbi...
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I Remember Him from High school

Imagine walking down the street minding your own business when the police stop you, say you match the description of someone who just committed a seri...
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Overexposed in San Diego

A small town police officer in the San Diego area believes Michael committed a series of crimes and uses highly suggestive procedures in an attempt to...
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Pizzaman Robbery

A pizza is ordered to be delivered to a vacant apartment in a tough neighborhood, and when the 19-year old deliveryman walks up to the apartment compl...
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Gang Killing in Santa Ana

Two young gang bangers ride up to a couple of teens ask where they’re from, and when they don’t get the right answer they pull out guns and start shoo...
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Purse Snatch 9-Pack

Two muggers assault an older woman and drag her down the street as she desperately holds onto her purse. The witness describes the main culprit as hav...
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Drive by Bicycle Thief

A hooded gunman on a bicycle rides up to Pedro and Alma, pulls out a silver automatic handgun, and demands their money. The next day, Pedro went out s...
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Attempted Rape in Sacramento

Joe was a 14-year old honors student who had never been in trouble with the law. In this episode, we examine how this short skinny bookworm happened t...
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Murder at the Barbershop

Two men walk into a crowded barbershop, murder one of the employees in cold blood and flee, leaving a room full of stunned witnesses trying to make se...
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