True Crime Project

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Hi! Welcome to True Crime Project! Kat will be focusing on crimes in Illinois, and Steph will be bringing cases from Ohio. Every so often we’ll cover the big cases, but we want to bring awareness to local cases that don’t necessarily get coverage. We both have a passion for crime and all things serial killers.

Episode 21: Gerard John Schaefer

For your entertainment we bring you “quarantine episode 1”, there’s drinking involved and a couple kids come to say hi. Gerard Schaefer is one who has...
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Episode 19: The Boston Strangler

In the 1960s terror ravaged single women in Boston. A total of 13 were murdered during the reign of The Strangler. Despite police warnings to women to...
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Episode 17: Missing Patti Adkins

Single mom Patti Adkins hasn't been seen or heard from since June 29, 2001. The months leading up to her disappearance reveal disturbing details about...
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