True Story with Jay & Chan

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Two Twenty-somethings trying to figure it all out.

Pseudo Love

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, join Jay & Chan as we discuss the concept of Pseudo Love and reveal how weird they truly are. We're also posting our...
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New Year. New Decade. Nothing New.

Join Jay & Chan as we reflect on 2019 and plan for 2020 at the same damn time! Also, this episode was previously recorded so some things mentioned hav...
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The Pattern Episode

Join Jay and Chan this week as we are joined by our special guest, Kim as we discuss the Pattern app and somehow ending up talking about social justic...
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Polygamy and Chicken

Listen in this week as Jay & Chan are joined by special guests, Kim & Jon as we catch up and discuss Polygamy, Dating, the Iota cookout and Kim's Pope...
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2019 Mid Year Recap

Join us again as Jay & Chan check-in to see how their 2019 goals are doing..or not doing. Also Jay's birthday was July 24th but feel free to send happ...
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Skinny Le' Jawnz

Listen to Jay & Chan talk about how life has told them to "shut they fat ass up." Also apologize for the delay in posting, editing Chan had a lot goin...
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The She-Woman-Men-Haters Club

"Preferences", The Perfect Man, and Dick Pics. All the things you're going to join Join Jay and Chan for this week.     Follow this  week's shoutout: ...
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TrueStory Pod First Anniversary

HOLD UP WAIT A MINUTE Y'ALL THOUGHT WE WAS FINISHED! Join Jay and Chan and a few guest as they celebrate their first anniversary. This was both inspir...
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Henny and Twerking

This week, Jay and Chan are joined by guests Lamar Scott, Tierra K. and our Good Sis 'Gria. Join us as we all get lost in a sea of Hot Topics and end ...
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