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Hi! Hello. Welcome to Truly Twisted, your source for true crime, supernatural, mysteries, and all things effed up. We are sisters Naomi & Galina and we love telling each other stories - want to listen in?

Ep 7 The Villisca Axe Murders

Come with us as we travel back to 1912 and discuss the brutal axe murders of the Moore Family and their 2 overnights guests. We will discuss possible ...
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Tiny Twist 1 Loretta Young

Check out our Tiny Twist for a quick story to break up your day! If you enjoyed our last episode, you might like this short tale of scandal and secret...
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Ep 3 Patricia Douglas vs MGM

For our 3rd episode we bring you a story of power, corruption, money, and the woman who took on a legal system that was against her from the start. Li...
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Ep 2 The Slender Man Stabbing

Today we tell you about the unfortunate stabbing of 12 year old Payton Leutner who survived an attack by her two best-friends Morgan Geyser and Anissa...
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