Truth in Real Estate

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Buying or selling your home is complicated, and can be terribly stressful, often made even worse by mis-information and incompetence in the real estate industry. Learn to buy and sell real estate like an experienced real estate agent. Discover how to be a savvy real estate buyer or investor, leveraging the real estate industry in the best way possible, and have more equity and accumulate wealth through real estate. Real estate brokerage industry veterans Kevin Cahill and Lisa Cahill, CPA, discuss the truth in real estate, to help buyers and sellers of real estate make smarter decisions so they can be in a position of strength. There is so much mis-information in real estate, and these industry executives and experienced real estate salespeople spill the beans and dish the dirt! Residential real estate is ripe for innovation and a better approach, to offer a truly better experience for home buyers and home sellers. Learn how successful real estate agents leverage their knowledge, skill and experience, so you can use that information for your own benefit.