Truth-Time Theatre

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A weekly exploration into the insane and mundane nonsense in the lives of four friends from California.

episode 375

FEAR STREET 1994 Jeff and Smitty talk about the first installment in the Fear Street trilogy and gush over some 90s bullshit like old assholes. [...]
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episode 374

UFOhNo Jeff and Smitty sound like maniacs as they discuss recent UFO/UAP craziness and what may or may not be released in upcoming disclosures.  [...]
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episode 373

SHADOW IN THE CLOUD Jeff and Smitty struggle their way through one of the more baffling movies in recent years. [...]
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episode 372

ARMY OF THE DEAD Jeff and Smitty talk about the ups and downs of Army of the Dead. [...]
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episode 371

MORTAL KOMBAT Jeff and Smitty finally sit down to chat about Mortal Kombat. [...]
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episode 370

THE A TEAM Jeff and Smitty chat about Joe Carnahan's The A-Team, a sadly under viewed, under appreciated action gem that's deserving of at least 20 se...
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episode 369

GODZILLA VS KONG Jeff and Smitty forgive some silly shit for the awesomeness of giant monsters punching each other. [...]
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episode 368

CATCH UP TIME THEATRE Jeff and Smitty ditch the movie talk and just talk nonsense like the days of old. Enjoy! [...]
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episode 367

MONSTER HUNTER Jeff and Smitty watch the bonkers action/monster adventure Monster Hunter. It's exactly what it sounds like. [...]
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episode 366

WILLY'S WONDERLAND Jeff and Smitty watched Willy's Wonderland. It is technically a feature film... [...]
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