Trying Our Best

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Trying Our Best is a podcast about whatever peaks our interest! Curious about true crime? Conspiracy theories? Aliens? We are too! Join us as we try our best to understand the world, and go off on some wacky tangents along the way!

Episode 13: Zodiac Schmodiac

#$%@&&*$#%% - Do you know what that cipher meant? It means Trying Our Best is back and this week we are talking about Karlyn's favorite Serial Killer-...
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Hometown Haunts- Video Minisode 1

I think I just heard a ghost! Haha just kidding it was us again, we tricked you! Check out our first video episode for Spooktober! We told our favorit...
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Episode 12: Was Ted Bundy Hot?

welcome back to our third installment of Spooktober! Today we discuss one of the most horrifying and prolific serial killers in history- Ted Bundy. Ho...
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