Two Teams – One Podcast

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New York's Very Own Yankees and Mets podcast hosted by PIX11 sports anchor Scott Stanford and Sports EP Bret Callahan. New episodes every Friday.

Wild Card Wednesday

Welcome to our special Wild Card episode from Yankee Stadium! It's do or die as the Yankees try to fend off the A's. The season is on the line and we'...
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Wild Pitch

The Yankees are heading into a one game Wild Card game with Oakland, but who are they putting on the mound? Scott and Bret sort out all the options. P...
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Luke Voit Fever

Red Sox have clinched the division and Yanks are still battling for home field for the Wild Card game, but there's light on the horizon. Aaron Judge i...
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Wild Card Worries

Is home field advantage in jeopardy for the Yankees? The guys discuss their unease as the season heads into the final stretch. Plus Jacob deGrom's rec...
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Jury's Out On Judge

What's the status on Aaron Judge's return? Hint: It's not looking promising. The guys go into why this could kill Yankees World Series hopes. Plus foo...
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Red Sox Out of Reach?

Are the Yankees in trouble if they don't catch the Red Sox for the division? They're still one of the best teams in baseball, but can they beat the As...
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Hardcore Keith

How do you cool off a hotshot rookie's hitting streak? By hitting HIM with a pitch! At least that's what Keith Hernandez thinks. The guys debate both ...
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Yanks Get Socked

The Yankees can handle the White Sox, but got beat up in Boston by the Red Sox. Can they get it back on even ground with their divisional rivals befor...
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Miserable Mets

The misery continues for the Mets after they suffer their worst loss in franchise history to the Nationals. They didn't make any trades before the dea...
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Calling Brian Cashman

Can you hear us, Brian Cashman? Bret says it's time to pull the trigger on a trade for deGrom, but would the Mets offload their ace to help their cros...
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