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OC 12 – Farewell

Track 12 – ON CAMPUSThis game helps you say goodbye and express yourself with regard to how much you enjoyed your stay.
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OC 9 – Date

Track 9 – ON CAMPUSIn this game you’re not alone. Talk to your date over dinner and enjoy the moment.
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OC 8 – Carpooling

Track 8 – ON CAMPUSThis game shows you the environmental side of American culture in addition to the all important ‘gas money’.
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OC 7 – Going Postal

Track 7 – ON CAMPUSThis game brings you by the post office and gets your mail skills to a very competent level.
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OC 5 – Meeting Colleagues Part 2

Track 5 – ON CAMPUSThis game trains you to use a few passive phrases, talking about possibilities and what could have been. You also learn how to say ...
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OC 3 – Staples

Track 3 – ON CAMPUSThis game takes you to a very large office supply store. You get help finding what you’re looking for and you get a good deal to bo...
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