Unashamedly Human

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Welcome to Unashamedly Human - the podcast, where we explore how we can better understand our thoughts, feelings and actions, change our results and feel less alone as we navigate that crazy thing called life.

How to Manifest Money

Today’s episode is a sneak peak into one of the EM LIVE sessions that I ran earlier this week inside AMPLIFY.   I was asked about money. How do we man...
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Why Can’t I Celebrate Myself?

Recently my clients have been manifesting huge things but can they celebrate these wins? And if not, why not? What is it that means that we feel guilt...
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Will I Regret Not having Children?

Dear Em, I’m in my late 30’s and feel the pressure to have children, but I’m pretty sure I don’t actually want them. But I’m worried that I’ll regret ...
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Feeling Guilty in my Privilege

Dear Em, I earn more in my business which I love than many of my friends and family earn in the jobs they hate and it makes me feel so guilty. On top ...
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Are you doing the work?

If you feel like you consume a lot of personal development stuff but nothing seems to be changing for you, have a listen to this!   Want to know more ...
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High Vibes and Manifestation

Dear Em, Can you talk more about how to lift your personal vibrations and how to manifest really clearly please?   Well yes I can!   Ready to join the...
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