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Anything and everything! Random things with friends and occasionally some serious business. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/uncensoredbeard/support

Episode 24 Black Mamba

Of course the audio came out clunky , but it's all good we're back baby weekly episodes dropping every Thursday. Beard Nation out ! --- Support this p...
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Episode 22: I'm in my Prime

We're back with more heat ! Head on straight ! Social media thoughts. Why being comfortable is the devil , choosing yourself first every time. Update ...
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Beard Nation is Legal Episode :21

Shoutout to moms all over the world , some annoyances , outgrowing people. Staying the course and making your goals clear and concise. --- Support thi...
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Just Breathe. Episode 20

Episode was calm and introspective on what I expirenced in the last week all the love , hate and in between hope you guys enjoy ! Thank you for the su...
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Episode :19 Stay The Course

Updates on shirts . The importance of staying the course some UFC talk and much more ! --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/uncensoredbeard/sup...
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Beard Nation is Back !

After 3 weeks of hell and heaven with some love growth and a lot of fast food and beer the Beard is back with love flowers and shoutouts to you the pe...
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Episode 16 The Ranting

Here we added a little Goggins Motivation, a early teens story about how wild my mom was, some ranting about boundaries, limits , thoughts and support...
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Episode 15 The Vinsanity!

Weekly Growth , some more ranting , the importance of community and having a great support system and being grateful . Also living in the now and beco...
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