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Uncorked Gamers 240

On this #podcast we talk game preservation, games being turned into filmed media, the largest price for a game, Adam explains NFT's and more.
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Uncorked Gamers 239

On this #podcast we talk new #PSVR games, the #Playstation State of Play, #Nintendo Switch Pro rumors, #Microsoft finalizing its #Bethesda deal and so...
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Uncorked Gamers 238

On this #podcast we talk with the great @butchescobar about his career and his love of gaming and his new twitch channel https://m.twitch.tv/butchesco...
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Uncorked Gamers 236

On this #podcast Dan starts buying retro, Adam is a golfing man and Davis learns what drip means.
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Uncorked Gamers 235

On this #podcast we find out why the 3 week delay, what rich move did Epic make. Old games unreleased seeing the time of day and should Nintendo pull ...
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Uncorked Gamers 234

This is it, we finally talk in full spoiler detail about #NaughtyDogs #Lastofus2 game. What did we like and dislike? You'll have to listen to the #pod...
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Uncorked Gamers 233

This #podcast we discuss the Game Award nominations, Dan predicts a large uptick in #Xbox Series S interest, Adam makes some wild claims about Dan. Co...
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Uncorked Gamers 232

This #podcast Davis got #Valhalla , Dan got his #PS5 and Adam got his groove back. all this we discuss and a not hostage situation.
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Uncorked Gamers 231

This #podcast we discuss all the concerning issues with the #PS5, rumors of another #Xbox buying spree and the first chapter of the Ghost raid.
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