Underestimate Me with Brittney Jones

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Welcome to the Underestimate me podcast, a podcast for online entrepreneurs who are ready to change the way they do social media and online business to see real results. I’m your host Brittney Jones social media marketer, business coach, and lifestyle entrepreneur, and I’m on a mission to help you simplify this whole social media thing, get the tips you truly need to see results and light your heart on fire so you can build your success story & show the naysayers what you’re really made of. Why don’t you go ahead and underestimate me, that’ll be fun .. are you ready? Let’s do this

Recent Instagram Outage

Ok, it's been a hot topic this past week... The Instagram and Facebook outage of 2021. After the outage we saw lots of memes and posts about your...
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Scaling When You're Busy

We get to this point in our business, you are busy, you're booked, you've got clients, and you're making good money, (I'm talking ...
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Content Overwhelm

This clip was taken from my recent training titled: The Overflow Codes.  In this training I shared the 3 shifts to make in your online presence so tha...
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