Undying Light

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Undying Light is a show hosted by Alex and Paul, two Reformed Christians who try to be gracious at all different denominations. We are open to any kind of discussion/debate provided you contact us.Listen to teaching series and discussions on theology, apologetics, everything to do with the Bible, cultural issues, and everyday ranting about the state of Evangelicalism in the United States and everywhere else.We are committed to an inerrant, infallible view of the Scriptures. Therefore, we are fervent to bring everything we teach and say to the light of the Biblical worldview. We hope this is a blessing to everyone who listens and that this show might bring you more knowledge and light of who Christ is.

The Fall of Babylon the Great

We enter into chapter 18 on our journey through Revelation. We see the agony of the worldly people lamenting over the loss of their great riches and l...
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We kick out our new segment of Biblical Livelihood by exploring this concept of Fatherhood. I am joined today by Thomas who runs the show Redeemed Med...
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The Prostitute and the Beast

We continue our journey as we venture into a new part in Revelation. Chapter 17 opens us to part 5 which will cover chapters 17-19. Our final part wil...
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The Wrath of God

We wrap up chapter 16 and look at the final bowls being poured out. We put this imagery to the test of these events going along through Church history...
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The First 3 Bowls

We embark in the first part of chapter 16 looking at the first 3 bowls of God's Wrath! These bowls are will be better explained in next week's show as...
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Silence before the Storm

We come to the shortest chapter in the book of Revelation, with only 8 verses to talk through and a few of them being a song of Praise. We have some c...
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Interview with Flame

I am joined this week by Flame! He was gracious enough to take some time out of his busy schedule to join me for this interview. We talk about his jou...
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The Lamb and 144000

We enter chapter 14, and look at the 3 sections presented here. The Lamb and the 144,000, the messages from the 3 angels, and the Harvest of the Earth...
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The Mark of the Beast

Welcome to today's show as we enter into chapter 14! We are quickly met with these 2 beasts that come out of the sea and the earth. We see how Satan g...
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