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A positive anxiety and mental health based platform to grow a community of people looking for connectedness on shared experiences. I want to help fight the stigmas still surrounding mental health while having a blast along the way!

Back to Basics

This week I talk about the basics of what anxiety can look like and show up in different ways. I cover the most common positive characteristics as wel...
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Happy 4/20!

Happy 4/20 friends! This week I talk about my past feelings versus current love for cannabis! It’s a brief overview of what is an essentially long sto...
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March Madness

This week I talk about how nuts March has been and learning to roll with the punches instead of allowing my anxiety to take over.
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What do you want to know?

EPISODE 10! I’m so excited! This week on Instagram @uneezykpeezy I asked what questions people have for me. Tune in to listen to the Q&A!
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Wacha See Isn’t Always Wacha Get

Today I talk about the misconceptions of how anxiety can present itself. Even the people in your life who appear confident could be struggling with an...
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Grateful For My Attitude

This week I talk about gaining more control over my attitude to take away some of my anxiety’s power. I also discuss retraining my brain to be gratefu...
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Patient Zero

This week I talk about my struggles with health anxiety and different stories of obsessive self diagnosing.
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