Unf*ck Your Mindset


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It's time to take responsibility for the one thing that is holding us ALL back, our jacked up MINDSET! In order for you to "make it big," or have more money than you've ever imagined you must first change the way you see the world. Welcome to UnF*ck Your Mindset, your host Brayand Ponciano, truly believes how you do anything is how you do everything. He is here to help you finally take responsibility, unravel, and rebuild your effed up mindset!

EP 34: The Power of Manifestation

In this episode, Brayand is joined by Mark Warlick to talk about the power of manifestation and how it changed both of their lives. Mark is a real est...
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EP 33: Lessons From My Mentor

What are the most important life lessons? In this episode we're joined by Brayand's mentor of over 10 years, Jeff Fagin and he shares his most importa...
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Episode 32: I Always Knew

In this episode, Brayand talks about how he always know that he would be successful, he always knew he would be a millionaire and love his life. You c...
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EP 31: How Disciplined Are You

How disciplined are you? How to build discipline? In this episode, Brayand talks about the power of building discipline. He shares his own struggle wi...
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EP 30: Mental Discipline

If you are wondering how to build mental discipline or why it’s important, this episode with our host, Brayand, shares the importance of building ment...
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EP 29: Lessons in The Karate Kid

The Karate Kid movie portrays many great life lessons, Brayand is here in this episode to explain what life lessons he believes the movie portrays.  F...
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