Unrecognizable You

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Bogdan Balajel shares the philosophies he learned, actions he took, and questions he pondered on his journey to become a version of him that is unrecognizable to his old-self. His only hope is that through the sacrifices he and many other giants before him have made that you will flourish to the Unrecognizable You!

5. Do your best or GTFO!

You've probably heard this quote before "The way you do anything is the way you do everything" ... But what does it really mean? In this audio Bogdan ...
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4. Let That Jackass Be Right

Everyone wants to be right, but have you ever asked yourself why? Bogdan Balajel talks about our addiction to being right and how it handicaps our abi...
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2. Money Moves

Most people only worry about how to make more money. They never thought to learn how to handle money. It's a lot easier to become financially stress f...
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3. Redefining Failure

Bogdan believes that the way you define failure determines how much success you have. This episode was created so that you stop looking at failure as ...
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