Unwise & Untimely

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Family Initiative is a social work non-profit out of Southwest Florida. David Brown and Anjali Vandrie of Family Initiative sit down to talk with others in the social work circuit to discuss local and national events, and maybe periodic mention of The Patriots Podcast Music: Count On It - Dunson https://soundcloud.com/kentondunson

Unwise & Untimely - Episode #7

Thank you to Jenna Persons, candidate for District 78 State Representative, for taking time to sit down and share her family’s rich Fort Myers history...
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Unwise & Untimely - Episode #6

At the 2019 Child Protection Summit, David and Anjali had a fun, insightful, and joyful conversation with Paul, Amanda, and Trudy from the Florida FAP...
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Unwise and Untimely - Episode #5

On this brisk Florida evening we sat down with 3 of our moms and talk through the process of diagnosis in childhood and how to navigate through adulth...
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Unwise & Untimely Episode #3

Family Initiative sit down with Chad Woolf, Lead Pastor of Christ Community Church to discuss their partnership and how they have impact the community...
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Unwise & Untimely - Episode #2

David and Anjali sit down with Sarah Owen, the CEO and President of the Southwest Florida Community Foundation to talk about the influence this founda...
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Unwise and Untimely - Episode #1

With David and Anjali's debut episode, the duo talk through the origin of their idea to start a podcast, Family Initiative, and what their goals are f...
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