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We’re Hannah and Kelty - twins, mothers and works in progress. Upbringing empowers us all to engage bravely with the hardest aspects of parenting to create profound, positive change in ourselves, our families and the world. Through conversations, inspiration and empowerment, we’ll build intention, elevate skills, and align our values so we don’t undermine the very qualities we hope to inspire in our children. When we work to accept their feelings, respect their bodies, and honor their will, we make the dream possible. When we choose trust over fear, connection over control and progress over perfection, we’re not just raising our kids— we’re raising ourselves. Let’s show up and grow up! www.upbringing.co

GUEST SERIES // Pure Nuture

This episode originally aired on the Pure Nurture podcast -- we loved connecting with Kristy! In this episode, you’ll hear about:- Simplicity Parentin...
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