Upside Down U-turn

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"Boi, tell me why you look like an upside down u-turn" - a wise man. Now on iTunes Support us on Patreon

Pod 16 - Zeb Dempsey

This pod features another classmate of mine, Zeb Dempsey. Zeb, Bobby, and I all squeeze into a small recording booth in the Virginia Tech library to r...
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Pod 16 - Bobby McCarty

Bobby McCarty joins us in a new venue (VT library) to discuss American politics and why you should be concerned.
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Pod 15 - John Guerrero

Legendary Twitch streamer and part time beyblade enthusiast, John Guerrero joins us in the studio to talk shit about Jeffrey Epstein. Yup. This is a g...
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Pod 14 - Kali

Known for her youtube channel about an American living abroad in Korea, Kali joins us in the u-turn studio to talk about her experience as a travel ic...
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Pod 13 - Preston Tracy

The original brains behind the podcast name, Preston Tracy, joins us all the way from NOVA to talk about life post secondary school. Also Dalton makes...
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Pod 12 - Gareth Markel

Gareth Markel joins us from the University of Alabama via Google Hangout to discuss the philosophy of economics and education. It's a shorty but a goo...
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Pod 11 - Matt Ramirez

Matt Ramirez joins us in the studio fresh from an emotional spring break. Press F in the chat for Matt.
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Pod 10 - Whiskey Review

Wow, it's been a while. BUT WE'RE BACK. And this one's a good one. Callum and Michael return to the pod to drink some Ol' Fashions and break down our ...
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Pod 9 - Ben And Jake

Ben, space enthusiast, and Jake, Twix connoisseur, join me in the studio to discuss the culinary arts and other random shit.
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Pod 8 - Drew and Callum

Drew makes his first appearance on the pod as we unpack his Euro trip and talk about our lord and savior, Penguin Jesus.
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